Day 7 of #100BloggingDays

1 Sunday #OOTD for lunch out with the family.
Instashop gray skirt with black mesh lining, Kamiseta top, Old Navy flats, Tory Burch replica purse, 3CE #1 Pick Me Up lipstick.

2 Sunday Lunch at Crisostomo’s. I’ve written about them before here, and the food is still amazing. We had Sinigang na Hipon, Paella (requested by my lola, of course), salad, and lechon kawali + kropek. image

3 Monday IG post. Another photo styling + hand lettering attempt. Thought it was appropriate for the beginning of a Monday, since I hadn’t started on my freelance gig, first pass due Wednesday. Hustle!image

4 There’s this awesome house I wrote about recently that proves you don’t need to hire professionals to decorate a house to make it look amazing. BUT you do need to study and work for it–as well as have great taste, which you can’t buy.

DIY Modern Japanese Home A Modern Japanese Themed Home

5 4 and 20 – Joss Stone

See the sands of the hourglass
Are slipping through your hands
Every grain has got to hurt you
Takes you further from your chance


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