Day 11 of #100 Blogging Days

1 Someone kick my butt to make me do non-work related things. Like update this or take photos for this blog.

2 Back in 2010/2011, R and J and I opened an online store, selling pre-loved clothes. This was back in Multiply and back when bidding was still a thing. We basically bought around a few items plus some of our never worn/preloved clothes, see if they’d sell. And we managed to sell half of our meager stock. Then we stopped. Haha

Anyway, I’m planning to revive that store, just to get rid of some items from my closet. I’m slowly updating my wardrobe, letting go of items that don’t look good on me anymore (because of the weight gain) and because it is such a hassle to go through my clothes when I wear the same things every few months.

Also because I’ve been asking if we could hold a yard sale for over a year, and while my grandma is with me on this, she also tells me we don’t have space in our garage because of my uncle’s stuff. So the only way to get rid of my branded and never-worn items and turn a bit of a profit is to sell them online. I’m mostly donating my clothes, just picking out the really pretty ones–or the branded ones, since Filipinos love their American brands.

I’m also planning to get my closet sawed through, since it’s just a really weird closet–it’s too deep and the bottom shelves only have a hand’s space of width between them. Those closets were given to us second-hand when we moved in our renovated house–when I was nine.

I hope it pushes through this weekend.

The sawing, I mean. So I can make my toss-keep piles and color code my closet again, a tactic that served me well from high school to college, and then I got to lazy to do it. Haha

3 Where does one buy motivation?

Aside from writing, I just go through phases for everything. Crafts? Sudden spurt, suddenly I’m on to something else. Hair? Maintain it for a month, get too tired to do it for the next few weeks, revamp again the next month.

4 For my reference, some Cebu itineraries:

5 And a reminder to myself that delayed gratification is still amazingly effective. (If you’re alive to reap the benefits, of course)

This couple got married, traveled the world (for work), and finally got to make their first home after 10 years of the nomadic life. 


A Grandiose Relaxing Dream Home


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