Out of the many things on my bucket list, traveling alone was one of the things I never thought I’d be allowed to do, given my condition. I also thought if it ever happened, I’d be doing relatively normal tourist-y things, like friends and I usually do when we’re on vacation- visit museums, shop, walk a lot, be extra paranoid to stay safe (though it’s statistically more dangerous in your own city). I did do all that – but for a person who likes sticking to plans once they’re made or just going with whatever as long as I’m with friends, this time I tried something different, took chances without overly stressing about the details, just to see where they’d take me.


Booked a trip on a whim, because 25!! Saw the historical landmarks in Cebu we’ve been learning about since grade school. Mesmerized by the view of Cebu and Mactan’s city lights at night at Tops Lookout. Slept in the whole day without any disturbances. Caught up with a friend. Found books I’ve been putting on wishlists for two years.


And on the day I turned 25, I took a 3 hour bus ride up to Oslob before the sun came up. Swam with the whale sharks. Took a habal-habal to the amazing Tumalog Falls. Visited one of the baroque churches included on the tentative list to be a WHO Philippines Heritage Site. SLEPT. Had my favorite Filipino dish at a restaurant for dinner. All alone.


Best. Birthday. Ever.

Icing to the perfect birthday getaway were all the text, viber, and Facebook messages/greetings, the advanced birthday cakes, the cakes and coffee eaten on my behalf, and the post birthday celebration. Thank you, everyone. β™₯ β™₯ β™₯


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