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Chapter IX Booksandmore is a second-hand bookstore in Circle C (Congressional Ave., Quezon City) owned by Gary Montenegro.

I stumbled on Chapter IX a few years ago, when it was just a tiny stall sandwiched between overrun clothing and knicknack stalls – I was on my way to get my Chuck Taylors designed, from a stall that does tattoos. The tattoo stall is long gone but the bookstore remains – and has expanded!

(Unless of course, that was a different 2nd hand bookstore altogether, which feels unlikely given the location, but in which case–oops.)

Tucked into a corner of the second floor, you’ll have to pass through a narrow hallway of clothes stalls to get to Chapter IX. Once you’re there, it’s easy to lose yourself in their blue bookshelves bursting with both hard-to-find titles and much loved stories.

Chapter IX Books offers a wide selection of brand new and secondhand books from a diverse set of interesting genres. Our bookshelves contain great works in Literary Classic, Contemporary, Suspense/Thriller, Noir/Hardboiled Fiction, Romance/Chick Lit, Science-Fiction/Fantasy, Non-Fiction (Biographies, Philosophy, Historical, Motivational, General Knowledge, Hobbies and Interests, Sports, Self-Help, Music, etc.), Literature for Young Adults, Children’s Books, and many more. Aside from books, we also have a selection of pre-owned imported magazines for those who enjoy reading magazines. – Chapter IX Booksandmore FB

Chapter IX Booksandmore is a notch above other second hand bookstores because of their meticulous organization, great book selection, and affordable prices. They keep track of all their titles, so you can easily just ask if they have a copy of the book you’re looking for. What’s more, if they don’t have it, they’re open to putting the book you want on a wishlist – which means you’ll be the first person (this depends on the queue for a specific title) to be notified if they have that title in stock.

Chapter IX Booksandmore also has a decent amount of rare / hard-to-find books, by way of foreign (non-Western) authors and award-winners. You can also find art books, poetry, erotica, noir, and more. When I first started posting my finds on Facebook (notably Elie Wiesel books and Story of O) early this year, a couple of friends wanted me to take them to the bookstore. 😀

Of course, I don’t keep coming back just because of the selection. I think they also have great customer service. I’ve bought twice from their physical store without a hitch. However, the first time I tried ordering online I had a bit of trouble. Reserving online went fine, and I opted to pay and pick-up at the store. While my books were reserved with my name on it, I wasn’t able to get all of my orders since two of the three books I reserved were priced differently from the ones I reserved online (they were marked higher). Since Mr. G wasn’t there at the time, the saleslady didn’t want to sell me the books at the price I reserved them at (which I understood, since it would be deducted from her salary if it turned out I was lying; I was also a bit frustrated since it felt like I wasted time and money going to the store if I’d end up leaving empty-handed anyway). I didn’t have an internet subscription on my phone at that time, so I couldn’t show here the agreed price on their FB site.

I ended up getting the one of the three that was at the same price, found a copy of the same book at the price I reserved online available in store, and paid for those.   I sent a quick message when arrived at home – I was still interested in getting the book I reserved – and the matter was resolved quickly the next day. I paid via GCash and they sent the book to me, sans shipping fee. Yay!  After this though, I opted for shipping my purchases, since I pay less (trike costs P40 going there, another P40 going back). Also, this eliminates more impulse buys on my part. I’ve spent so much this year O___O

I’ve visited the physical store more than a handful of times but funnily enough, never when sir G was around. I haven’t met him in person yet, but would love to someday. Maybe I can talk him into setting up a loyalty card. Hehehe

The photo above has most of the titles I bought from Chapter IX. I’ll list them down so you can see part of their amazing selection (let’s go, Google SEO!).

• The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Stieg Larsson, P99 I. love. this. So far, my fave read this year. And at P99 SUCH A STEAL.
• The Oath – Elie Wiesel
• Annie John – Jamaica Kincaid (not in photo)
• Night – Elie Wiesel, P149
• Story of O – Anne Desclos as Pauline Réage
• Forever Princess – Meg Cabot SHHH. HAHA I couldn’t help myself, I loved the Princess Diaries books when I was in high school. I had every single one, even the specials – except for this, since I had outgrown the series/the formulaic plot Cabot uses by the time this came out (I still read an ebook though). This was the final book (10th) up until early this year, where Meg Cabot announced she’d be writing another installment set in the future of this !verse.
• The Amber Spyglass – Philip Pullman, P99
• The Subtle Knife – Philip Pullman, P99
• Bird by Bird – Anne Lammot. I already read this in ebook form and when I saw a physical copy available, I had to get it. It’s one of the best books about writing that I’ve read since it tackles much more than just ‘tips’ on how to write. It takes you through the whole emotional process and is written in a very relatable way.
• On Writing – Stephen King, P249
• Snow Country – Yasunari Kawabata, P289
• Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, P249 An impulse buy–or an impulse ‘Next’, if you will. If Generation Z had their way, all literature will be like this–sans the irony.
Midnight’s Children – Salman Rushdie, P349 Flashback freshman year of college, where I practically visited all the bookstores in the metro to look for Rushdie’s Haroun and the Sea of Stories for Lit class. Ang ending? No one in our class was able to find a copy and we ended up photocopying the whole book from professor.
Makioka Sisters – Junichiro Tanizaki, P389
• Some Prefer Nettles – Junichiro Tanizaki, P389
• Blackwood Farm – Anne Rice P149
• The Vampire Armand – Anne Rice, P149
• Blood and Gold – Anne Rice, P149
• Blood Canticle – Anne Rice, 149
• Memnoch the Devil – Anne Rice, P149
• Merrick – Anne Rice, P149 And with this, I have completed my deceased uncles collection of the Vampire Chronicles. 😀

Anyway, I am banning myself from buying books. SERIOUSLY. I haven’t even started on most of these – and I’m keeping them wrapped, the way they were delivered, since my bookshelf is full.

The rest of my books are in plastic bags under my bed, sobs. Sir G, if you are reading this, BANNED NA KO. Until next year. Haha


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4 thoughts on “Chapter IX Booksandmore”

  1. I’ve met Gary and His wife and KId when the store was just starting as a little stall. I got almost all my Ray Bradbury and Edgar Riceboroughs books from this store at reasonable prices. 😉 unfortunately I had to transfer residence and couldn’t just visit any day. My previous residence was just a walking distance or one trike ride from my place. Everytime I go there is so special because everytime I get a book I like at just the right price! I recently went out of my way just to get my copy of Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert at the incredible price of P79. Yay!

    Hope they branch out near where we live which is in Manila.


  2. A well deserved review for Chapter IX Bookstore 🙂 you’ll be surprised with the personal touch they’re giving with their loyal clients. Upon entering their shop, Sir Gari knows my preferred genre and patiently introduces me with other books and authors. Chapter IX bookstore is not a business for them … Its a PASSION that his family have! Even his kids loves to read too 🙂 Way to go Sir Gari! 🙂


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