The quickest answer to that question is Divisoria and/or Quiapo. But there are specific items (chalkboard paint, magnet blanks, rub-on stickers to name a few) that you won’t be able to find in the pasilyos of 168 or Tabora Street. With a limited selection of available craft items in the Philippines, us casual crafters will all run into items that are a bit out of our allotted craft budget. And the mark-up for products actually available is with good reason – these companies / individuals need to import items and make sure they get sold in order to turn a profit and continue selling.

This post aims to point you in the general direction of where you can get the most value for your money, especially for specific items. Some sections will be more detailed than others, since this post mostly has items I look for/use.


Photo by Raphael Mones
Photo by Raphael Mones.

Tabora Street, near PNB ATM – P25, P50, P75, P100, depending on size and quantity. The item in the photo above was bought in Tabora, for P25.
Hey Kessy – P75 for a letter or symbol of the same size as the one in the photo above.
DIY Alternative: Make your own from a cardboard box. Google / Pinterest for instructions.


Typo – P149, P399 to P999, depending on design and size. They have miniature and large letters, words, symbols, and words.

Approximate width/sideview.
Approximate width/sideview.


Bee Happy – P100 and above


Neon and Acrylic Chalkboard Paint

Bee Happy – Paint, spray paint, and vinyl sheets are available.
Hey Kessy
Typo – They have neon acrylic paint variants, as shown in the photo above.

Hey Kessy – P20 – P50, made of cheaper material. There are pink ones here.
• The Landmark
Gourdos – Around P180+ for a pack of 20, 3.5 inches.

WHO DO I HAVE TO KILL TO GET THESE? They used to be everywhere in the 90s. I love the simple black letter transfers. I’ve only seen them once in National Bookstore this year (NBS Cubao).

Update 07/20: You can also check out National Bookstore Glorietta and National Bookstore SM Light for letter transfers. 😀


All P77 Store, Cebu (near Rico’s lechon)  – P77 for a box of 10

60 pieces; 30 of each size from Bee Happy; Left: 10mmx3mm; Right: 15mmx3mm

• Bee Happy – P15 for 10 pcs of 15mm x 3mm; P10 for 10 pcs of 10mm x 3mm


• Fisher Mall – From P88 and up for various colors, covers, havdles, and quality.

• The Landmark – P49.75, with lid (silver or gold) and handle.

• Robinsons – P149 medium with handle & chalkboard center (upper right in photo), P100 medium with handle (middle left), P89 tall, without handle (upper left)
•True Value – P450 for 12pcs (SALE PRICE)
• Tabora Street – From P15 to P100, different sizes, usually without handles and/or lids.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Hey Kessy Mod Podge, Mason Jars, etc

Deovir – Almost all types of Mod Podge are available here at different sizes. For comparison, their 8.oz bottles are P259- P366 depending on the type. Choose from Classic in Matte Finish, Classic in Glossy Finish ,Fabric, Hard Coat, Outdoor, Shimmer, Sparkle,  Clear Acrylic Sealer in Matte, Clear Acrylic Sealer in Glossy, Dimensional Magic. See list and prices here.
Hey Kessy – P300 / 8.oz bottle. Choose from Classic in Matte Finish, Classic in Glossy Finish,  Fabric, Outdoor or Sparkle only.

• Divisoria – 168 mall, top floor
Hey Kessy – depends on price, quantity, and design; P100 for 25pcs (floral), 130 for 50pcs (choose from: hearts, polka dots, stripes, stars), P260 for 100 pcs (choose from: hearts, polka dots, stripes, stars)
Gourdos – Around P180 above for 25pcs
Typo – P399 for 25ps


Rub-on Transfers from Bee Happy. Travel, Photo Frame, Paisley sets.

• Bee Happy – around P10-20 for a pack of 4, depending on the design. They’re on clearance sale right now; the usual price is P35-45.
• National Bookstore – P35-P100 for 1 colored piece, including popsicle stick,  at the Scrapbooking section

Divisoria – P10-P50, Cosmetic sponge
• National Book Store – Sponge with handle
• Saizen – P88, Cosmetic sponge pack (around 15pcs), various shapes


Stencil - Typo• National Book Store – Animals, shapes, letters
Typo – Animals, Palm trees, random

Letter Stamps
Divisoria – P180-200 for sets in wooden cases. I got this  number, days of the week, doodle stamps in wooden case set for only P100, since it was the last stock they had in that stall ^_^

National Bookstore – P178 for regular A-Z set with inkpad in plastic case* (left photo); P275 for jumbo A-Z set with inkpad and acrylic case (right photo). For comparison, the left photo has the regular set in the top + middle and the jumbo set at the bottom.

*Read on for a similar set below with P100 difference

Office Warehouse stamps. P25.50 for numbers set; P46.50 for miniature letters set

• Office Warehouse – P25.50 to P106.50, depending on size.  The ends of each letter/number/symbol have locks, so it’s easy to align words.


Typo – P799, numbers and letters set, wooden box case.

Wellmansons  – P80, Letters set + ink, cardboard box case. This is the same as the one in NBS, with a different ink pad and one additional symbol.


Everyone’s favorite, the holy grail, etc etc. I wasn’t going to include Washi Tape in this post, but since I found an online seller that sells them for affordable prices, I decided to share 🙂

Washi Tape
Set of 10 slim washi tapes in pastel, set of 5 mini washi tapes, and two regular sized washi tapes from Whimsical World PH.

• Divisoria  – P45 to P60 for a single roll at 168. You’ll really have to hunt for them though; P60 Slim Washi tapes (set of 10). Prices can still be lowered through haggling + bulk buy.
• Hey Kessy – Since this store started with selling Washi Tape, it makes perfect sense that they’re practically the land of Washi Tape locally. They have the most designs available from P75 to P600, including unique Filipino-made designs.
 Hobby Depot P55 to P325, depending on size, type, and quantity (they have packs of 3-5 and thick tapes). Watch out for their sales, definitely worth a buy! The shipping is a bit pricey though at P70 for Metro Manila, so best to buy on a sale and grab a lot to make it worth it.
The Landmark –They used to have Washi tape for P35, but I think management wised up. They’re now P55 and up, if you manage to still find any in stock.
 Washi&Co – P65 to P130. Hands down, the best and prettiest Washi tape selection I’ve seen. The only drawback is they have very few designs and sell in limited quantities.
 Wellmanson’s, Quiapo – P40 and up (1 roll)
Whimsical World PH – Limited designs, but super affordable if you don’t have time/patience to go to Quiapo or Divi.  P55, Washi Tape (1 roll), P75 Slim Washi tapes (set of 10 rolls),  P75 Mini Washi tapes (set of 5 rolls)


where to buy wooden pegs clothespins QCLARGE

The American Bazaar – P66 for 36pcs. Great quality (no lopsided pins, all are easy to use, no stray wood chips)
Bee HappyP45 for 10pcs, P350 for 100 pcs
SundayPaper10 pcs for P70


Bee Happy – P10 for 30pcs, P250 for 100pcs
Divisoria –P100 for 80 pcs (4 packs of 20); P30-35 for 20 pcs f OK quality.
• Typo –  P399 for 60pcs


Box of 6 designs, including: Gingerbread Man, Trees, Leaves, Flower, Car, Heart
Box of 6 designs, including: Gingerbread Man, Trees, Leaves, Flower, Car, Heart


• Divisoria
– Mini-clothespins – P30-P35 for 20pcs; P100 for 80 pcs (4 packs of 20)
– Box of mini-clothespins, various designs –  P80 for 40-50pcs. OK quality.
Landmark – Mini-clothespins, 10pcs for P35-P50
EazyfashionLarge chalkboard clothespins, P75 for 4pcs (retail); P55 for 4pcs (wholesale)
EGG / Simple Joys – Large chalkboard clothespins, around P80-100 for 2pcs
Typo – Large, Chalkboard Clothespins, 5 pcs for P399


National Bookstore Warehouse Sale – Extremely limited designs and honestly, not all that pretty.
• Hardware Store/s
Typo – Gorgeous ones for P999. Worth it.

• Divisoria – P80 – P120, depending on if you’re buying wholesale or retail and how thick the book is (thin [16 pages] or thick [24 and 36 pages]).
• Shangri-la – P360
• Wellmanson’s – P80 – P150, depending on size and number of pages.

NOTE: Before I proceed to the directory, full disclosure: I have experienced multiple problems with Bee Happy including receiving the wrong items (wrong item and wrong color), receiving incomplete items, and Bee Happy confirming my order, getting my payment, then telling me their item is out-of-stock (although it’s in stock on their site). I shop there because of the variety of items and cheap price; you definitely get what you pay for. Shop at your own risk.

• Bee Happy
• Divisoria
-168 Mall
– Tabora Street
• Deovir (SM North Edsa, Manila) | Online Shop
• Eazyfashion
• EGG / Simple Joys / Regalong Pambahay
• Hobby Depot
Hey Kessy
• The Landmark (Glorietta, TriNoma)
•  National Bookstore
• Robinson’s
• Quiapo
– Wellmanson’s
– Villalobos Street
• Washi&Co
Sunday Paper
Whimsical World PH

I am not affiliated with any of these stores. I will not be able to answer questions regarding stock quantity or availability; kindly inquire at the website or stores directly.



    1. Hi Sher! Sorry for the late reply!
      You can browse for Clear Stamps on Bee Happy (FB is linked in the post), Life Documented Manila, Circle C, and on Instagram (I believe craftlaneph and projectplannerph have some, but I haven’t bought from those stores yet).


    1. Hi! There are branches in Market Market and Harrison Plaza. There could be more but am not sure where 🙂

      EDIT 3/16/2016: There’s also a joint DAISO + American Bazaar in Alphaland (mall at Magallanes MRT Station exit).


    1. Hi! Washi&Co is from Davao, they ship all over the PH. Hey Kessy also ships provincially. You can also try asking Hobby Depot on Facebook if they ship to Cebu. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Hi im a math teacher. And to encourage my students to participate I give chips. I just usually cut simple rectangular shaped colored papers. I want to be more creative but teachers has lots of things to do. I wonder if theres available craft punchers thats more than two inches? If there is where can I buy them. Thank you!


    1. Hi Audrey! That’s a great way to motivate and foster some healthy competition 🙂 I had a math teacher before who did the same thing, but with stamps. We’d get star stamps if we recited/participated.

      There’s definitely some available, and in different shapes too. Craft punchers are a bit expensive though, which is why they aren’t in this post. You can find them in National Bookstore, Memory Lane (physical store is in San Juan area), and Bee Happy. You can also check Destash/2nd Hand craft groups on Facebook.


    1. Hi! Sorry, I wouldn’t know 😦 I only know where to get cloth, but they sell by the yard (and you’d get a cheaper price if you buy in bulk–so if you’re only getting a couple of yards, it’s ok to buy from Fabric Warehouse instead).


  2. Im so grateful that you post that informations that i need. Gosh i’ve been looking for several hours where I can buy cardstock at that cheap cost of peso. It really help a lot thanks


      1. Thank you! I actually found some at NBS Estancia Mall in Pasig but glad to know there are other branches selling these stuff still 🙂


  3. great post! this is really helpful as I’m planning to stock up on my craft items, AGAIN. hehe. I used to be a craft and planner enthusiast during my college days but I lost it somehow. And lately my addiction to this art is slowly coming back. ^_^


  4. Hi…been surfing for the past few days for affordable craft supplies and I found your cool site! Thanks for the info on the various shops, it really helped a lot! This coming 2017, I plan to venture on a business that I have never done my whole life, so I’m very scared but at the same time so excited. And that is crafting. I also want to make candles and incense, and offer some services too such as decorating for private parties (shabby chic, bohemian)….so, wish me luck! LOL. I finally left corporate life and will never look back for the rest of my life.
    By the way, can I replace mod podge with elmer’s permanent white glue (mixed with water)? I read it somewhere here on the net…
    Thanks again!


    1. Hi Gretchen! Glad you found the post useful. Re: Mod Podge, mixing Elmer’s glue with water will give you something closer to PVA glue ( It depends on what you’ll need to use Mod Podge for, since Mod Podge also has sealing properties that I believe aren’t found in permanent glue 🙂 The finish is also different–you can get Mod Podge in glossy, matte, etc.
      Good luck in your future endeavor!


  5. Hello! I am just wondering if you know where I could buy empty round pendant tray/base/setting? Also the cabochon glass. I tried looking in shops at Villalobos street (Quiapo) but didn’t find any. Do you know if there’s in divisoria or bee happy? Thank you. 🙂


    1. Hi Jane! There’s a lot in Vallalobos Street (Quiapo). The store is near the end of the street (away from the church). If I remember correctly, I think the last 2 shops have empty pendant trays. I was able to buy round, square, rectangle, and oval ones there. 🙂


  6. Wow! Thank you for a very informative post about craft materials. Will definitely be bookmarking this one. But would you know of a place or a store that makes wood stamps?


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