{Product Review} They’re Real Push-Up Liner #7DayswithBenefit

Benefit BDJ Box November

I was going to write this entry for BDJBox’s #7DayswithBenefit promotion but work got hectic the last month, so I got lazy with writing on my free time. I think my job zapped all the writing cells, haha.

I tried multiple products over the course of seven days and I know it will be better to spread the entries out, now that I’m not joining the contest, so for now, I’ll just give a quick rundown of the Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner.


I was excited about this product the most when I received the box, since I think Benefit PH did a great job marketing the product. I haven’t been updated on the latest in cosmetics since leaving my job in the beauty industry, but I sure knew about this liner before, during, and after it was available because of the collaterals and marketing activities around it.

The They’re Real Push-Up Liner is the first of its kind–a gel liner pen! Plus, it has a unique wing tip that is designed to help you achieve the perfect–or at least, have an easier time applying–cat-eye.

Called the AccuFlex tip, it’s slanted to help you draw an easy line, with a groove to provide smooth, lash-hugging application. The tip produces an even line–the thickness varies depending on how you hold the liner.


The liner is waterproof, though it didn’t hold as long as I expected it to. It broke down during the day. I’ve since discovered that this can be avoided by applying two coats, but I’d rather get a gel liner that has better staying power than do that every time I use this. It’s great to keep in your on-the-go make-up purse for light retouches, though.


The product left even lines because of the shape of the tip, but because the sample is a squeeze and draw type, I struggled with dispensing the right amount of product. Too few product means I ran out in the midst of applying, too much meant a stronger/thicker line when I began drawing and not enough near the end.


The photo above is my first attempt. You can easily see how I struggled with getting the right amount of product and drawing it on.

Here’s another attempt, two days later, after I became a bit more familiar with how it works.


And here’s one from a couple of weeks ago! You can easily tell that time’s passed because of the way my hair has faded.

Overall, I like this liner. You’ll need a certain amount of practice before you’ll be able to use it quickly, but the tip makes it so much easier to draw a straight line than a brush. Pretty awesome for this innovative design.



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