{DIY} 3-Step Glitter Mason Jar

Create your own Glitter Mason Jar in three easy steps!

This is my attempt at this tutorial. One of my fave things about this tutorial is that I didn’t need to buy anything. πŸ˜€


All you need are:
– Glass Jar (I used a pasta sauce jar)
– Mod Podge
– Glitter (Mine came from a failed nail art experiment)
– Newspaper (to cover your workspace)


Pour the Mod Podge in your jar. You’ll be tilting the jar to coat it with Mod Podge later, so measure an adequate amount.

Post-Project Note: This is too much Mod Podge for this size jar.


Now pour the glitter in the jar. I tossed the whole glitter jar in because gold glitter.


Tilt the jar every which way to mix the glue and glitter. You can also get a popsicle stick to mix your glitter and glue first, then tilt.


Keep tilting the jar with your hand until it covers the whole interior. I kept tilting mine to cover the air pockets, and used a popsicle stick to gently scrape or cover them.


The last step is to let it dry! Put the glass upside down on your newspaper and leave it until the Mod Podge runs clear. The photo above already has the dried product.

There will be drips and excess glue, so make sure to place it on a newspaper or paper plate.


Because I kept fiddling with mine, I ended up getting uneven glue at the top of my jar. Oops. I sanded them down with a nail file… and then I let it go, since the glue was already dry and it’d wreck the piece if I attempted to even it out.


And it’s not that noticeable in use, anyway! πŸ˜€


Happy Crafting!


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