This was a calligraphy rant, but now it isn’t.

Clockwise, L-R: faux, faux, faux, faux, BRUSH PEN, faux, faux, BRUSH PEN. DO YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE


The oft-given advice when reading calligraphy tutorials online (aside from practice, practice, practice) is to practice faux-calligraphy at the beginning. It’ll help, they said. While it’s true that I have now memorized the upstrokes and downstrokes of all the letters with just a glance, they forgot to really stress on one important factor.

How. to. Hold. The. Pen.

Because while you’re mastering these faux up and downstrokes that you could do them in your sleep, these blog entries forgot to tell you that oh, hey, you might want to consider holding your pen properly! Yes, even if it is just fake calligraphy, you retain the muscle memory, so you know, every bit of practice helps! But nope.  How to hold a pen properly, how to sit properly, the angle of the pen–that’s all in calligraphy tutorials and tips after the faux-calligraphy step.

It is with a fascinated horror that every time I pick up my brush pen and try to write out a quote, and my upstrokes are always uneven. Cue cycle of what were all those hours of practice for, it doesn’t even seem relevant? /curls into ball of despair

To add more pain, I’m left-handed.


(I just needed to vent.  HAHA. I know with more practice, I’ll probably, eventually, get the hang of it.  Maybe. GDI this is why I was happy with attempting lettering!)


I wrote the rant above sometime in January. It’s now the middle of February, and taking what I’ve learned in the past month, here are some of my most recent brush pen attempts:

imageL-R, all using the Marvy Uchida Le Plume (Ultra Soft Brush Tip): Last Thursday, 5 minutes ago, a month ago.

I’ve obviously got miles and miles to go but the fact that I have a little bit more control now makes me feel a little bit better. Validated. Like the time and money I spent for this current hobby is okay.


My cousin got me a calligraphy holder, nibs, and ink for Christmas.




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