{DIY} Make Your Own Planner

Last year, I wrote about my plans to make my own 2015 planner. I did. I got lazy to take photos though, so I wasn’t able to make a post before today. But here we are!

DIY Planner MaterialsBASE Materials:

  • Cardstock (bought at Michaels and Target, 1 pound packs)
  • Specialty Paper (Paper book bought at Wellmanson’s Quiapo for P80, square paper book bought at Circle C for P200, origami paper bought at Saizen for P88. Check out my Crafts Supplies on a Budget post for more.)
  • Ring Binder (Easily available at Office Warehouse and National Bookstore)
  • Cutting Tools. I used: X-Acto Knife, Cutting Board, Scissors (All of these are available at National Bookstore)
  • Ruler (National Bookstore)
  • 1-hole Puncher (Fiskars, bought on Amazon)
  • Printer paper (if designing your own layout) or an old book (to cover over; basically you’ll use the book as your planner and write over it, like an art journal)

DESIGN Materials:

These are suggestions for extra embellishments that you might want for your planner. Get  more value for your money when you buy  at these stores.

  • Washi Tape
  • Stickers, Rub-ons, Thickers, Alphas
  • Printed photos, magazine photos
  • Colored pens

First, think about how you want your planner to look like. I’ve been using planners for years and over the many I’ve used, I’ve figured out what I need mine to be like.

  1. Adjustable. It’s been a gripe of mine that  I waste pages on certain days, while some days barely have enough space to contain the day’s events. My solution for this is two layouts: one page for a whole day and one page for two days.
  2. Handy, will be able to fit in smaller bags.
  3. Unlined
  4. Daily reminders to input my expenses, calories, and outfits.

With those in mind, I created a 4×7 inch planner.


I cut some specialty paper to 4×7 for the beginning of each month.


I made my layout on Photoshop, printed, and cut them out. I used thin beige paper since I was saving money at that time. I wish I’d used a thicker GSM since some of the pens (especially the brush pens) I use bleed unattractively on the other side.

Cardboard Stencil

Next, I punched holes on a cardboard, which I used as a guide for the rest of the pages. I used clips to keep them in place. Punch, punch, punch!


I then put all the month markers in place inside the rings, then filled them out with pages.


The days of the week and dates have to be handwritten per month/day. I use the one page, two-day layout as my default, with my one page, one-day layout kept secure at the back, in case I need to change. It’s a great system so far.


At the front part of my planner, I have lists! I used graphing paper, washi tape, number stickers, and different colored pens to design these pages.


For this page, I used graphing paper, washi tape, wrapping paper, brush pens, and pens.

The things I’m allowed to buy until I can save for Korea and the things I plan to buy in Korea on graphing paper, stickers and uni pen in 0.8, and a subtle reminder about money on white vellum board written with Marvy Uchida Brush Pen in BV 733. 20150223_181143I’m usually not one for resolutions but my Frappucino and Coke consumption last year was off the charts, so I’m limiting myself to two per month for the first, and two per week for the second, and then hopefully less as the year goes on. To the right, we have a New Year quote from Neil Gaiman, whose New Year blog entries somehow always end up at the beginning of my planner–something I only noticed when I was looking at my 2009 planner the other day for Project Life.



20150223_181211A one day layout page for the first day of the year.


January 2nd and 3rd.  I designed my planner with the left side blank so I can doodle, practice lettering, and do other random things, while keeping the right side for business. 20150223_181233January 4th and 5th.

20150223_181246January 14th and 15th. I treated my mother to Kimpura for her birthday.
20141209_094152February! The photo above is the opening days of February, with an attempt at blackout poetry from a Wattpad page.

20150223_173812A closer look.

20150223_181351Quote is from Daniel Handler’s Why We Broke Up.

20150223_181414Quote is from That Thing Called Tadhana.

20141209_094214Stickers and washi tape.

That’s it! Let me know if you’re planning on making your own planner and link me the results 😀


4 thoughts on “{DIY} Make Your Own Planner

    1. Ayoko kasi nung may lines, haha! I’m so picky din 😐 I already have ideas on what to do for next year’s \o/ Pag gagastusan ko na siya. Haha

      It’s holding up surprisingly well! I was planning to use a plastic cover (di ko madescribe–yung parang sa binder? Yung matigas na plastic?) but I haven’t found one yet, so for now the cardstock cover will have to do. Hindi pa naman nayuyupi yung corners ng pages sa loob (I’m surprised too, since I toss and throw and cram this in my bag) and hindi naman napupunit from the middle (by virtue of this alone, it’s already better than the Filed Scribble planner haha).


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