#The100DayProject, Project Life, and Duriana

So I’ve embarked on yet another daily commitment-project, because I never learn, and I like to think that one day I will manage to complete one of these.
This is The Great Discontent’s #the100dayproject on IG.

Since my current project is Project Life (Travel), I’ve decided to dedicate my 100 days to it.

For Day 1, I made some cards for my Hong Kong travel album, using index cards, a polka dot stamp from Typo, and pastel pink ink.

My PL right now is very-photo heavy, though my mistake is I didn’t lay the whole thing out on Photoshop first–in a yup, this is the final output kind of way, since I need to make my PL a hybrid one. Yes, need, since I got into this project so I could use all those papers, stickers, and ephemera I’ve managed to amass in my years of collecting. But I really can’t be bothered to think of a whole project worth of layout/s on Photoshop, so I’ll see if sticking with my current method of choosing photos to print, choosing the PL grids I have, then deciding which photos can go where works. The journaling cards will be the last pieces, to tie everything together–which is why I’m only starting to make them, now that I’ve got New York, Hong Kong, and Macau printed out. I did cheat a bit and printed some Disney cards I found online. My tiny creative powers cannot even make anything worthy of the magic that is Disneyland.

On another daily grind note, I’ve started selling some items under @dressupdiary on Duriana a few days ago. It’s a pretty cool app that makes selling clothes, beauty items, and books easy, as long as your items aren’t expensive.


Great way to earn from items I won’t wear and/or use anymore.


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