[Project Life] MUJI Round Corner Puncher

Trying to DIY rounded corners for Project Life cards with just scissors proved to be a struggle that I just could not win, no matter how many times and techniques I tried. So I started to research on rounded corner punches.

They’re available locally online in Bee Happy, but I find the ones available quite expensive and impractical. The Becky Higgins puncher had more negative reviews than it had positiveΒ and the We Are Memory Keepers 3×4 Punch Round was too limiting. The one I’ve read solid good reviews about is the Marvy Uchida rounded corner punch (both on blogs and forums), but it was currently unavailable online locally too.

While strolling around Bonifcacio High Street yesterday, I decided to drop by MUJI to look at their stationary and organization items–just because that place is so aesthetically pleasing, all the organized wooden shelves and white merchandise.

And I stumbled onto…. the MUJI rounded corner punch. I couldn’t believe it–after weeks of looking for an affordable one online and not finding any, here was one readily available, in a physical store in Metro Manila, all along.

So I quickly googled it while I was in the store (thanks Globe 4G), liked what I saw, and since it was just the same price as the Marvy Uchida puncher online, I was sold.


It comes in this cute acrylic cube case.


It’s super easy to use. You just put your paper in the small triangle tray and punch. The ends of the tray have a wall, which means you just slot the paper ’til the sides hit the walls–no need for you to guess and compute alignment! Plus there’s a little marker smack dab in the middle to align your papers, if the wallsΒ aren’t enough.

According to this blog, “the rounded radius produced by this corner rounder is exactly the same as Project Life cards.” I have no way to verify this, as I don’t have any PL cards.

I’ll show a couple of photos of how I used this punch:image

Here’s some black paper ripped from a black notebook.


There’s the paper slotted exactly until the edges hit the puncher tray’s wall. Punch!

imageDo it for all four corners, and tada!

I’m really loving this puncher. So much that I spent last night just rounding the corners of all the photos and cards in my Disneyland album! The punches are all even and make my cards lovely to look at. It really gives the plain cards an extra oomph.

Of course, it’s not perfect. This puncher doesn’t have a bottom to catch all the crescent shaped debris, so be sure to keep that in mind when you’re on a punching spree. It also can’t punch more than four photos at a time or two thick cardstock (which I don’t really mind, but for those who love mass punching, you might need to look into another device).


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