Days 11-20 of #the100dayproject

Guess who found a use for the stack of magazines on her office table? 😄 Made a couple of 2×2 cards for the #simplestories page protectors for my Zambales album.

DAY 12
Bought a set of square #simplestories page protectors on a whim. Trying to figure out how to layout my stuff on it is harder than I anticipated. 😅 Day 12 of #the100dayproject is Sara Bareilles’ Vegas on 2×2 glitter card stock.

DAY 13
Making 2×2 cards from scratch is starting to become my favorite thing 😍 Letter transfers, satin heart, cardstock, and a camera die cut.

DAY 14
Used a clear acrylic block grom Life Documented Manila to mount these clear stamps.

DAY 15
“Blow out your candles, Laura-and so, goodbye.” – The Glass Menagerie

When I was in New York – Massachusetts in the summer of 2009, I got so homesick for my friends. It was the summer of senior year, the last summer ever, and I felt a bit like I was missing out on our-as a group, as young adults, as friends-last vestiges of freedom before we entered reality. This quote never felt as real as it did then.

DAY 16
Glitter tape + jewel embellishment for Hong Kong – Disneyland #projectlife album. Not very happy with this one, so I’ll just keep it as a placeholder for now…

DAY 17
Playing with those #heidiswapp @hkswapp stencils and brush pens.

DAY 18
We spent half the day looking for all the mascots we could take photos with. 😂

DAY 19
Day 19 of #the100dayproject was just me going to town on my Disneyland #projectlife album with this MUJI round corner puncher. I’m in love 😍 Check out a quick review here:

DAY 20-23
Some NY and Vegas cards for their respective albums.


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