We’ve compiled and checked all the entries of our Beauty Bliss Glow Giveaway! As mentioned in the previous post, if you skipped a step / didn’t follow instructions, we will not be including you in the draw. It’s unfair for people who completed all the steps 🙂

Final tally is below. 1-7 are from Blog entry options, 8 onwards are all qualified reposts from IG.1-39

And the winner is….Result

kweenbizz from Instagram! Congratulations!

Please comment here with your name and complete address, so we can ship your prize. You have 1 week to reply. We’ll choose another winner if we haven’t heard from you in a week.

Thank you all for joining! Another giveaway is coming soon, please watch out for it!

Meanwhile, Dress Up Diary will have its first physical sale at Pioneer Pointe Condominium on July 4. Please drop by! Just leave a comment to get full address / directions.


One thought on “[Giveaway] BEAUTY BLISS GLOW GIVEAWAY Winner

  1. Thank you so much! I’m the owner of the kweenbizzz account on Instagram.ߘBTW, it is my giveaway account 🙂 so yeah, here is my details..
    name: Jan Kayla N. Gatpatan
    address: #63 Villareal Street, Barangay Gulod, Novaliches, Quezon City


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