today was a good day. because, technology.

1. So this happened today:


So. Much. Awesome!! Just the fact that a pillar of our local music industry read an article we made is flabbergasting (I’m probably making up conjugations here, which isn’t lending me any credibility as an editor/writer) but he left a comment too to let us know he read it, and it’s an organic comment and an original post (it’s a new initiative our team is trying, to create content that isn’t just a web version of the physical magazine) and it’s just aaaaaah /flails around/.

That feeling when you think the writer is going to stab you because of the number of revisions you requested and the way your eyes felt after hours of editing–so worth it.

Jim Paredes. Wow.

2. The moon was bright last Friday. So much that it illuminated the buildings across the Guadalupe river beautifully, I had to try and take a photo in the cab on the way home.


3. Currently reading Princess Diaries XI: The Royal Wedding, and so far it’s hilarious. Princess Mia, I’ve missed you and your neurosis.


This was one of my fave series as a teen, and I spent quite a while (years) wanting my own Michael Moscovitz. That’s changed over the years–I believe I even documented that realization on my LJ. Haha

Oh, to be young and naive. ♡


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