just another Manila monday.

The cab driver I had this morning was vocally pro-Marcos. Yet he was also pro-Robredo. I’m struggling to reconcile how he can be both; how he can support a dictator, who stole from the country, and implemented torture and extrajudicial killings but also support a good, simple and respected public servant.

He says for ordinary Filipinos like him, life was better during Marcos’ time. Food for thought for the day. Though I really wanted to tell him that all Filipinos just need discipline and proper education for this country to succeed. Discipline to throw their trash in the fucking bin, to do their work, to not steal, to not accept bribes.. but of course, that’s too naive of me.

On the way to work we saw a snatcher in action along Pioneer. Two policemen gave chase for approximately 15 seconds before giving up. Vocal Cab Driver was egging them to run and draw their guns, which of course the sensible police did not. VCD then proceeded to call the police names and insult their intelligence (for not wanting to draw guns in a highly public place where civilians could get hurt). This is what Filipino action movies have made of us.


Saw this on the way to work today 😁 Serious motorcycle helmet pimpage right there, folks. There was even a camera attached on the right side!


Here’s a snap of my DIY planner page for today, before I messed it up with my handwriting. I miss the organizers LJ comm. That was a fun community.

I’m reading Ned Vizzini’s It’s Kind of A Funny story, after a couple of years of it sitting on my shelf. And I’m okay. Reading it feels like I’m walking on a tightrope, fall on the right and we’ll be fine, fall on the left and we’ll be back where we were two months ago.

I was going to end there, but I saw this hilarious link on my feed and thought it a better way to end this post than being maudlin, so:
32 Pinoy Movie Lines Rewritten For Travellers


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