{Hair} The Road to Purple Hair and the Post-Purple Agenda (Spoiler alert: IT TURNS PINK)

Warning: Lots of selfies ahead. Office selfies.

I’m back with another hair post a year after my Finally Red post and months after my gratuitous red hair post (which documented my hair journey from 2014 to the first half of 2015).

Since those two entries, I have:
♥ been blonde (that I did not like while I had it, but now miss)
♥ tried (and achieved) purple hair (in one try! BOO YEAH)
♥ accidentally sported pink hair(!)

As last seen on my gratuitous red hair post, I went back to brown to even out my hair:

Which eventually started fading on its own, despite me using a permanent dye. So I took it as a sign to color again. Haha! Here we go with one bleach bath (bleach powder mixed with 40% volume oxidizing lotion + equal parts shampoo):

Doing my best Kermit the Frog impression. Photo taken May 2, 2015

And then another bleach bath, which moved me from brown territory to brassy blonde pretty fast:

Photo taken May 28, 2015

So I used 1/4 tsp Manic Panic Violet Night mixed with 2 tsps HBC Keratin Hot Oil Treatment as a toner.

Manic Panic
Manic Panic Violet Night bought from funkystreaks

Toners remove the brassy tones from your hair by cancelling out the color. Color Wheel theory is applied here–since my hair was brassy/yellow-ish, I had to use a purple toner.

I decided to make the toner myself (instead of buying one) so I could use the MP dye for touch-ups.

And the result:

Photo taken on June 1, 2015

Blonde(ish)! Here’s a closer look:


I didn’t think blonde looked good on me and I couldn’t wait to get rid of it, especially since I’d been blonde for two months (from removing the brown until this) so I could dye my hair.

Once I was blonde, I had our help help me put on Special Effects Deep Purple. In my first post about Red Hair, I said I wouldn’t be able to sleep in with hair dye and a lot of other things in regards to dyeing and maintaining hair–most of which I’ve done the past year HAHA.

I used:

1/3 of the Special Effects Deep Purple bottle mixed with 2 parts HBC Virgin Coconut Oil Conditioner (a cheap white colored conditioner). I found out later that Coconut Oil actually covers your hair and protects the dye, soooo I’ll probably try another conditioner next time.

Special Effects Deep Purple. Ordered from RainbowHead.
Special Effects Deep Purple. Ordered from RainbowHead.

I let this sit for 6+ hours (and I might have slept in it overnight, I can’t remember now). Here’s the next day results:

FINALLY PURPLE ♥ | Taken June 07
It took me a year to get this
Classic red lip thing that I like~ NYX Butter Lipstick in Mary Janes.

Still okay 2 days later:


Something I didn’t know / never came up on my purple hair research: purple hair fades hella fast. They say red fades fast but nope, this faded waaaay faster! Maybe it’s because I used a different method to maintain this than I did with red?

To maintain my purple hair,  I only shampooed twice a week. I used Batiste Dry Shampoo for the days in between (like I did with my red hair).


(Here’s where I think I went wrong:) I used L’Oreal EVERPURE Color Care conditioner and Clairol Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo on the days I washed my hair.

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo. Ordered from RainbowHead.

I used the Purple Shampoo to maintain (instead of the usual dye + conditioner mix to maintain once a week) based on one YouTube video that said it works more effectively. Her hair was this gorgeous shade of purple that I loved, so I chose to follow her advice.


July 30, 2015

To maintain red hair, I followed the dye + conditioner tip, once every two to three weeks (because I’m lazy).  I should’ve used MP Violet Night mixed with conditioner to refresh my violet hair every week as I originally planned instead of following the YT video. But I was also worried it would change the color into a different (brighter) violet, so I didn’t.

So my SFX Deep Purple hair began fading over a few weeks time, even with care.  On the days I washed, there was still a lot of purple dye going down the drain–a stark difference from red, which stopped after a couple of weeks. Even until now, the color still gets stripped when I shampoo.

And then one day… I woke up with magenta and pink streaks. Seriously, what is happening here HAHA:

A couple of weeks later.

Apparently, SFX Deep Purple fades to pink. I did not know that. Since I’ve only dyed my hair red, which just fades to orange / a shade pretty close to pre-dye state, I never thought that other unnatural colors would fade to different colors! I assumed they’d go lighter over time. HAHA

Taken August 2015

And so to get rid of the pink, I decided to bleach shampoo.

Bleach materials.

WRONG MOVE. HAHA It just made the pink stand out more.

Bleach reacts with colored dyes. It can turn dyes into different colors, instead of acting as a color remover/stripper.

Here’s my no make-up bitch IDG what’s happening face with neon pink hair. So kids, SFX Deep Purple + Bleach = NEON, NEON PINK.

Taken September 23

After I googled my error (and tried to find ways to fix it), I found that the best remedy is to just keep shampooing with clarifying / anti-dandruff shampoo. So it’s what I’ve been doing the past month.

Now it’s just a hot mess of roots, bleached roots, peach, and pink/magenta. It isn’t as loud/bright as it was a couple of weeks ago (thank goodness).


I’m looking at going into pastel hair, so I’m trying to decide between buying a yellow-green dye to cancel out the pink-magenta hair or bleaching to see what color I end up with (HAHAHA), then using a Wella Toner after. Help, anyone?

So I got impatient and did a bleach bath over the weekend. Guess what? NOTHING HAPPENED HAHAHA /rolls

October 12, 2015
October 12, 2015


At least my roots evened out, giving an interesting fade to the pink? I’m going to try Vitamin C-ing it as a last ditch effort (anyone know where  I can buy Color Oops locally?), then I’ll just dye over it if nothing happens. Dun dun dun.


Unnatural colors turn into other colors on fading/when treated.  Remember to Google what colors your chosen hair color and brand fades to before purchase.
Use bleach only as a last ditch effort color remover. Here are other options to remove color.
Purple stains. While I barely had any problem with Special Effects Burgundy Wine and Manic Panic’s Vampire Red, my purple journey and it’s fading effects ended up staining random objects I use/d daily.
People will touch your hair more.  Uhm guys, why.
Be prepared for: getting called Hit Girl, Viber Girl, HOOQ; more people randomly talking to you because of your hair (introvert me freaks out when this happens), purple stains everywheeeeeeeeeeeere, and eventually ending up pink.


4 thoughts on “{Hair} The Road to Purple Hair and the Post-Purple Agenda (Spoiler alert: IT TURNS PINK)”

  1. If you ever decide to play around with mermaid colors again, look into Overtone Color conditioners. They deposit color into your hair without the harm of combining dye + conditioner and allow you to take hot showers without guilt or fear of fading your hair. You could technically even color your hair with it. The stuff is bomb.


    1. Oh, I’ve heard about this! It’s not available locally though, so I don’t think I’ll be able to try it soon. 😦 I’m not afraid of the dyes I use damaging my hair though, since it’s likely got less chemicals than shampoo and conditioner.


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