1 Philippine elections are inching closer everyday. Please make sure you’re registered to vote via biometrics!

According to COMELEC:

4.3 million without biometrics (digital photograph, signature and fingerprints) in their registration records face disenfranchisement in next year’s elections.

Last day of voter’s registration is on OCTOBER 31, 2015, 5:00PM. Visit your local COMELEC Office now!

Check your voter information EASILY here at the COMELEC website! The Voter Finder is super easy to use. Just fill in the required details and it’ll let you know your voting registration details, status (“ACTIVE” if you can still vote, “INACTIVE” if you haven’t voted for the past two election seasons), and biometrics data.

Please do not waste your vote. You matter. Your vote matters.

src: 9gag

And great job to COMELEC for creating this site and implementing this search system. Feels like we’re actually living in the 21st century!

2. On a lighter note, here’s a graffitti/streetart on a sari-sari store in Guadalupe. Is it Jollibee or is it Pikachu? You decide.



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