{DIY | Planner} May-July 2015

Since I miss doing planner posts on organizers@LJ, I thought I’d share my planner here.

For 2015, I made a DIY planner since none of the planners being sold back then fit what I wanted and needed. Check this post to see how to make your own DIY planner.

It’s been half a year, so here’s how life/work’s been going, planner-style.




Even if all I want to be is content, I find that I can never really stay that way. I, and maybe people in general, always end up wanting something more. May found me struggling with being content with my job, as I’d begun to find it repetitive. Especially since it hasn’t really taught me much after my first year and hasn’t been intellectually challenging in a while.

20151028_085155 20151028_085415

This was a crappy page. I pasted stuff all over it to attempt to remove the crappiness but it really didn’t work that well. Haha

There’s a photo of Brooke from One Tree Hill (played by Sophia Bush) in one of my favorite episodes, 4×13: Pictures of You.

BROOKE: So how about it? You think one class can change your life?
CHASE: The way you kiss? Definitely. Still think you’re not good enough?
BROOKE: I don’t think that ever goes away. But I think you just have to learn to deal with it, you know? Learn to use it.
CHASE: So let’s use it, then.

CHASE: Today I spent an hour with Brooke Davis, and I learned something. People are gonna label you. It’s how you overcome those labels. That’s what matters.

Says a lot about how I was feeling that week, I think.



A broken heart can’t be that bad.


A 3×4 card I originally made for Project Life but couldn’t find a place to put in. I’m learning how to create better Project Life albums by studying albums I like online. I’m trying to stick to themes, colors, and layouts per album. It’s quite hard. I didn’t think it would be–but then, I’m not using PL cards since they’re expensive, so that greatly contributes to the ‘wow this is pretty hard’ factor.


Transferred this photo of a girl onto a doily using a blender pen, then used my Motex Label Maker to stick lyrics of Utada Hikaru’s Can You Keep A Secret.


Struggling with stronger feelings of wanting to leave my job. But I’m older, and I know myself better, and I can honestly say: I sabotage myself.

From activities in high school to turning down my university organization presidency position, turning down an internship in New York, quitting my first job even when I was told my promotion was already approved for the next year, and woah hey, typing this out–it looks like I’m scared of a true leadership role as well, and isn’t that a scary thing to contemplate. Hell, maybe I even sabotage potential romantic relationships. I keep stopping, I keep finding ways to stop, finding things wrong when things are going great (from an outsider’s perspective) and start moving on to another thing, and I don’t know why.


So here’s to holding on and maybe, hopefully, stopping this habit.



MY QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched the Idina Menzel concert and OMG I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!!!!!! My Elphie ❤ Her Defying Gravity got me through 2005-2006.


My friends and I had a children’s themed party, complete with party favors. We had staple Filipino children’s party food like hotdog with marshmallows on a stick placed on a cabbage, spaghetti, and the like. We also had loot bags full of candy, bubbles, and lots of plastic balloons!! YAAAY!!

Everyone I told about this party were envious, even our parents!


AntMan. Almost all the movies I watched in cinemas this year, I watched as a work perk. It’s pretty fun.


This is a beautiful quote from Cheryl Strayed about what ifs and being at peace with the choices we make. Sometimes I think about the many Jericas I could have been. The one who attended to U.P. Los Baños instead of Ateneo, the one who accepted my university org’s presidency position, the one who interned in New York, the one who was nicer. I don’t dwell on it much, just–I wonder how she’d be doing now.


An old reminder.

(But for now, I’m holding on.)

(I’ve forgotten how posting your planner is like baring your soul.)


2 thoughts on “{DIY | Planner} May-July 2015

  1. I’ve always wanted to do my own diy planner, But im not that creative. Uh, Frustration! But this gave me an idea which i can use for making my own diy planner this december (so i can take note of all the schedules i will be having on holidays!) So excited! Thanks for the idea! 😍😍


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