I had an impromptu girls day out with Jollan yesterday. I loosely categorize “Girls Day Out” as doing something of a society classifies as “feminine,” which in this case included shopping and getting our eyebrows waxed. What started as Jollan’s impromptu visit to get her invite to Lilia’s wedding(!) and leech some files, turned into shopping for Lilia’s bridal shower present.


& We chanced on Japan’s humongous pop group, AKB48 in the mall

A video posted by jerica (@inmidnights) on Nov 8, 2015 at 3:01am PST


& I had my first eyebrow wax at Benefit 😮 It wasn’t really painful, which makes me think of getting waxed in other places. HAHA

& Finally got a full sized They’re Real Mascara from Benefit (P1300). They currently have a promo, where it comes with a They’re Real Liner and They’re Real Remover for the same price as one mascara.


Visited Kelly in Paranaque and had a mini surprise baby shower for her with former officemates.


Two of my good friends are pregnant this year. Lilia’s getting married. It’s mind blowing, really, to see how our paths are becoming so different.


Had a mini-crisis when I saw Nadine Lustre’s Instagram feed. She curates it so well (edits and deletes). And I’m just like, WHAT IS MY INSTAGRAM GAME? MY INSTAGRAM GAME IS A PATTERN, COLOR-BW-COLOR, THAT IS NOTHING LOOK AT HER FEED

Same filter, same photo clarity, just AAAAAAAAA

I want my feed to look like that. Nadine, please teach me your ways.


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