the gold life

I subscribed to Planners&Journals’ December 2015 kit after seeing that it was going to be a ☆gold☆ kit. I’m planning to decorate my 2016 red and gold moleskine planner from  Starbucks with a gold and black theme, so the kit was perfect.

It came in this box, with paper foil stars wrapped around it:


Aaaand inside:


2 gold 3×4 cards, 2 black/white/gray  3×4 cards, 2 gold 4×6 cards, and 2 black/white/gray 4×6 cards.

Guh I’m in love ♡♡♡♡! I can’t wait to add these to my New York PL album!


2 black/white/gray dividers or cardstock and a single (huhu) piece of gold foil doily.


Gold Christmas stickers!! This is perfect for my 2016 Starbucks moleskine.


Pocket sized planner pages and a divider.


Slim gold foil tape, gold foil and black/white/gray ephemera, felt key chain and gold paper clips.


#plannergirl pencil

And here are the creators of these beautiful items.

My faves are the Project Life cards, ephemera, doily, and stickers but the whole package was put together amazingly well. I’ll be on the lookout every month for their sneak peeks and definitely order if another preview catches my eye.

And a round up of everything:



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