So here’s another Throwback Planner post, a follow-up to this post.

I mainly want to see how to improve my planner for 2016, since I like how alive my 2009 planner is.

February 2009.
Hello, second post.
Jerica, 19, college student, Philippines, and a Starbucks planner.

pardon my french, for it sucks like that. D:

this is Starbuck’s design for February.
I didn’t decorate over this one (like i did with January) because the old man looks so happy.

random notes and things during February.

a reminder to take risks, a photo i took of a couple of friends last year, and my favorite romantic book quote.

i had to go to school so early on a sunday for a couples’ sharing talk.
that’s probably the most memorable talk i’ve been to.
(even eclipsing an alastair mcdonald talk i’ve attended)

also, pink text on february seven was because i didn’t think i’d get that grade. xD

february 9: me and my big mouth.
february 12: my abnormal colored fruits. my friend says it’s a poem.
i took a taxi to school that day. the taxi driver was really friendly and chatty. that was the most fun conversation i’ve ever had with a stranger.
lunch and a day out with my friends on valentine’s day ❤

my hamster quotes oscar wilde.

the most important thing i learned in theology of marriage and human sexuality.

if magnets like that exist..

third week
i fell asleep in my international political economy class on thursday 😦
and got inducted as the executive vice-president for my organization (again).
also, my first attempt at writing korean.

martin luther, nick hornby and adhesive tape of a dog that thinks it’s a lion.

fourth week
after vehemently denying that i had chinese blood enough to even matter (i thought it was like .0001%), i found out from my grandfather that i did. word.
also, the week that i ran out of money because of the booksale in school.
i spent P850 ($17) for 4 books. GOOD BUY IS GOOD.

had no classes that monday!
used the day to shoot my cousins with my supersampler.


a quote from flowers from algernon,
one of the best books i’ve read.

and that’s it.
thank you for looking ♥


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