Starbucks Planner Post: January 2016

So extreme coffee consumption left me with three planners–2 Starbucks Moleskines and a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf one. (We’ll skip right over the part that I’d probably have four or five if I kept collecting like we’re going to skip holiday weight).

I chose the red daily Starbucks Moleskine and white weekly Starbucks Moleskine and started personalizing them. I had them embossed with my name for free:


Then I began decorating!

Here’s my quote to start the year. I always put one up in front in hopes of living the quote in the coming year. I usually put a Gaiman quote but this Tom Hiddleston one felt fitting about myself, where I am now, and where I want to be after this year:


As always, goal/tracking lists for the year. I fell short of my book list last year but consumed a lot of series, so I guess that’s something. Daria is fucking amazing.


Here’s the first three days. I don’t usually do resolutions, but I thought I’d change things up this year and try some.

Starbucks Moleskine Planner design

I bought a bed! Like a legit bed frame and mattress! With my own money! After more than 10 years in an antique wooden bed with a broken middle, I’m finally on a decent bed that doesn’t give me instant backache. It got delivered on the 4th and to make way for it, I cleaned up and organized the things under my old bed. Inside one of the boxes under it, I found paper dolls I made in either high school or sixth grade. Naturally, it had to go in my planner. And that is the story of the girl in the sparkly black dress on the left.

Then I spent the next day watching movies and marathoning Awkward (because my sister and her girlfriend were watching it and after two seasons and thinking up a drinking game based on how many times “Matty” is said, you just kind of have to turn around to see what Jenna’s gotten herself into).

I didn’t sleep that day and went straight to my first day at work on the 6th.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
January 4-5 Paper dolls, blender pens, Steadtler triplus fine tip pens, paper tape

I’m experimenting with covering the whole page, so I somehow ended up doodling the food I ate for the day as well as my outfits. HAHA I CAN’T DRAW HELP


When you got to much space and nothing to write, you take out the cavalry! Washi tape, Steadtler triplus fineliner, paper tape, new rubber shoes from Fila, foil tape, song lyrics, and doodles.

SMAP disbanded and Alan Rickman died. Lei gave birth and work-freebie related excitement.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
And yes, that’s a DBSK photo.

When you’re in meetings all day, just angoo tape the whole space up. >:D

Washi tape on Starbucks Planner

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

This one’s my current WIP, today’s page. I used letter transfers for the top (since the planets are going to align tonight since… 2005?), a bit of doodling, bullets for my task list, an image transfer using the Chartpak Blender Pen, then adding some rub-ons/transfers.

I wanted to try color coding again, like I did in 2009 but I realized I don’t like how the colors look in this tiny space. So instead of color coding my list, I just decided to bullet journal and color code the bullets. It looks neater, I think.


How are you decorating your planner this year? Share your planner ideas or photos!
And if you want to know where I bought any of the items I used in my post above, just drop a comment and I’ll get back to you. Cheers!


5 thoughts on “Starbucks Planner Post: January 2016

  1. awesome post! And to answer your question, yes I have been decorating my planner ever since 🙂 i post them in my blog too! It’s so good to see a blogger who decorates her planner as well. 🙂


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