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Before you write me off as a “rich kid” or tell me “you’re so lucky you can afford this”, read this first: Lessons in Frugality.

Ready? Are you now committed to going on a trip? Great, let’s go!


Here’s a list of my travel adventures. The first part of this post are my travel-on-a-budget adventures. Each link leads to a detailed entry of how I spent my day/week. This post will be updated every time I go on a budget trip. So here, have at it:


East Asia


South East Asia


Viet Nam: 4 Days and Nights in Ho Chi Minh for less than 150 USD



You have now reached the second part of this post. This time, the adventures here are more luxurious and less budget conscious. It’s not grandiose, not really, but these are travels and activities that a good percentage of Filipinos would need to save up for before they get to do it. I don’t mind saving up and splurging on myself once in awhile 🙂


East Asia


South East Asia


North America

  • New York: Times Square, Empire State Building: Up to the 102nd Floor, Rockefeller Center, Wicked on Broadway, The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, Shrek on Broadway
  • Connecticut
  • Las Vegas: La Reve in the M, Touring Hotels, Las Vegas at Night
  • Massachusetts: Boston Trolley Tours

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