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2017 Customized Planner (Under PHP200)

Happy 2017! Posting a quick entry to show my customized planner for the year.

I customized again this year since my 2016 Moleskine became so lumpy; I really do need a spring one. I also wanted to try a grid layout for the year, so when I chanced on this planner one day, I immediately got it.

Here’s a quick view of my 2016 Moleskine.

I bought a Harmony Planner from UP Town Center (you can find it in the tianggeย for P100, or inside the Department Store forย P189. You can also get it at Fully Booked for P275).

The planner is open dated.


The original layout had

  • (16-month) Monthly Grid View spread
  • Weekly Grid View (half the notebook)
  • Grid Pages (2nd half)

I wanted the weekly grid view on one side, while the other side had a blank/grid page–which obviously wasn’t the original arrangement of the notebook.

It was easy enough to bring the planner to U.P. Blessings to get it wire-bound* for only P43. They took the planner apart, cut the spine, and before they began the punching and binding, I re-arranged the pages to the layout I wanted–Monthly Grid View Spread, Weekly Grid+Grid Page spread. I also changed the cover by getting a photo printed (I resized the photo ahead of time and availed of U.P.’s printing services as well).

Here’s theย result:



ย Weekly Grid View on the Left, Bkank Grid on the Right
Close-up of the Monthly Grid View
Pen Test
Stamp Test
Stamp Test (back)
Starting off the year


2017 To Read and Have Watched List

Total Expenses: P262

  • Planner – P189 (I found the department store planner first, before I saw it out in the tiangge. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ It’s still cheap though!)
  • Binding – P43
  • Front cover printing – P30 (You can do this at home as well! Just bring the print-out when you get your planner bound so they can include it)

If you manage to buy the P100 planner, your total will only be P173 (including front cover printing) or P143 (re-using the original front cover or bringing your own print-out).

*They don’t call it wire-binding anymore; I forgot the specific word they used. They will recommend it though, when you ask for a wire-binding.

What’s your planner for the year? Hope this post gave you some ideas!




[Planner] Starbucks Daily Moleskine, February 2016

Feels like ages since I last posted! Picking up from where my first planner post for 2016, here’s January 20 through all of February.

(I post regularly on my Instagramย in case you’re interested in more frequent, bite-size updates.)

I ended up filling the bottom half of the 20th with my favorite EXO member (due to excitement that I might be able to watch their concert) and some #BeaLeeve realness. I really liked the B&W spread but I couldn’t help myself from drawing those tiny green turles on the next page because EVERYONE ย was so slow on the 21st, I wasn’t able to shade (cross off) anything on my to do list.img_20160216_193142.jpg

Friday saw me celebrating my 2 year work anniversary(! a first!!) with a quote from Uruguay’s former President Mujica, taken from this wonderful speech. Saturday, I watched the EXO EXO L UXION concert in Mall of Asia Arena, up close and personal. DEFINITELY AN EXPERIENCE TO REMEMBER (even if I’m not much of a fan).ย img_20160216_011815.jpg

Some photos from the con:

Next is a pink spread, with a quote from Evanna Lynch about Alan Rickman.img_20160210_221703.jpg

This is me testing out the Zig Kuretake Mangaka Flexible Artist Pen pen. My calligraphy fail! 8D2016-02-10-09.58.56-1.jpg.jpeg

Then the next weekend, I attended a 2-day art conference: Graphika Manila. It was really inspiring–speakers like Pixar Animation Studios, Tokidoki, Gemma O’Brian, Timothy Goodman, Harvey Tolibao, Matthew Cina, and Valerie Chua gave presentations. I am amazed at Pixar’s dedication and how long they ย work just to get the most minor detail right, Tolibao’s sense of humor and talent, Simone Legno’s business sense, Gemma’s work, Valerie’s workarounds ’til she finally got to do what she wanted, and Cina’s advice to keep studying and working–complete with references to actually help and get you started.ย 2016-02-10-09.58.55-1.jpg.jpeg

inmidnights line break

And on to February! I wasn’t feeling the cover design for February so I covered it up with a note I got from my cousin on Valentine’s day and a premiereย nightย ticket for Love Is blind.2016-03-23-01.14.35-1.jpg.jpeg

First book of the year: Two Lunas, Two Mabinis by Ambeth Ocampo. A really quick read–I read half in an Uber on the way to work, the other half during my break.2016-03-23-01.14.36-1.jpg.jpeg

I am, unashamedly, a John Lloyd and Bea fan through and through. Hence the quote from an article JLC wrote about working with Bea in the Philippine Star.ย img_20160214_221252.jpg

A Quiapo/Recto trip in the rain with Jen and Rap, then dinner with the Isabels for the weekend, and picking up Criminal Minds where I left off last year.img_20160225_034644.jpg

I took a sick day off on the 8th and ended up in bed with Criminal Minds Season 9 the whole day. This quote rings so true.img_20160225_113412.jpg

Work, work, work, work, work. Felt these pages were a bit empty even with the stamps and washi, so I ended up adding Rosie’s Into The Woods ephemera and sticker flakes from Jen.ย img_20160301_192331.jpg

Exercise struggle on Friday, Deadpool on Saturday. I spent my Valentine’s Day on the road to Laguna with my former officemates, to attend ourย godchild’s christening. It was a really fun and funny trip.ย img_20160226_183134.jpg

I have no idea why, but I really like this page on the left. Fell asleep in the car listening to Adam Levine’s version of Let’s Stay Together and woke up searching frantically for the song (even though I knew the title and the song, my sleep-fogged bran wasn’t able to retain the information).ย img_20160308_184731.jpg

This, hands down, is my favorite washi tape of the moment. It is so, so gorgeous! Granted, it’s not versatile at all but. *___________* Letter transfers, stamps, and a badminton game.img_20160305_015130.jpg

Calligraphy is hard, but everyone knows that. On the right, I had a fun weekend with the Isabels. Used a blender pen, foil tape, Zig Mangaka, Rosie’s Into the Woods ephemera and Rub-Ons.img_20160303_191412.jpg

This black and white spread turned blue and black because I made a mistake writing, so I went all the way and added blue stickers from Papemelroti (they’re only P7 a sheet!). Also, the day I got sick.img_20160310_084339.jpg

My new trick is to just use ephemera when I’ve got nothing to write.img_20160302_114330.jpg

LAST EPISODE OF ON THE WINGS OF LOVE, documented by this #OTWOL sticker from Lexi. This is also the first weekend in 2016 where I stayed in the whole way, because I wasn’t feeling well. More Criminal Minds on Saturday and then I read Practical Magic on Sunday which I got bored of halfway and moved on to Stucky fics instead.img_20160307_213657.jpg

And here’s the last plain (I don’t really like it haha) spread for February! I bought this 372 star sticker pack for only P66. 2016-03-23-01.20.30-1.jpg.jpeg

It’s been a bumpy month and I’m a bit behind on my March spreads. I also said I’d get started on my Cebu Project Life but other than a pre-layout, buying an album, and moving photos, I haven’t really done anything. Phew.

How’s your planner coming along? ๐Ÿ™‚

Days 11-20 of #the100dayproject

Guess who found a use for the stack of magazines on her office table? 😄 Made a couple of 2×2 cards for the #simplestories page protectors for my Zambales album.

DAY 12
Bought a set of square #simplestories page protectors on a whim. Trying to figure out how to layout my stuff on it is harder than I anticipated. 😅 Day 12 of #the100dayproject is Sara Bareilles’ Vegas on 2×2 glitter card stock.

DAY 13
Making 2×2 cards from scratch is starting to become my favorite thing 😍 Letter transfers, satin heart, cardstock, and a camera die cut.

DAY 14
Used a clear acrylic block grom Life Documented Manila to mount these clear stamps.

DAY 15
“Blow out your candles, Laura-and so, goodbye.” – The Glass Menagerie

When I was in New York – Massachusetts in the summer of 2009, I got so homesick for my friends. It was the summer of senior year, the last summer ever, and I felt a bit like I was missing out on our-as a group, as young adults, as friends-last vestiges of freedom before we entered reality. This quote never felt as real as it did then.

DAY 16
Glitter tape + jewel embellishment for Hong Kong – Disneyland #projectlife album. Not very happy with this one, so I’ll just keep it as a placeholder for now…

DAY 17
Playing with those #heidiswapp @hkswapp stencils and brush pens.

DAY 18
We spent half the day looking for all the mascots we could take photos with. 😂

DAY 19
Day 19 of #the100dayproject was just me going to town on my Disneyland #projectlife album with this MUJI round corner puncher. I’m in love 😍 Check out a quick review here:

DAY 20-23
Some NY and Vegas cards for their respective albums.