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[Planner] Starbucks Daily Moleskine, February 2016

Feels like ages since I last posted! Picking up from where my first planner post for 2016, here’s January 20 through all of February.

(I post regularly on my Instagram in case you’re interested in more frequent, bite-size updates.)

I ended up filling the bottom half of the 20th with my favorite EXO member (due to excitement that I might be able to watch their concert) and some #BeaLeeve realness. I really liked the B&W spread but I couldn’t help myself from drawing those tiny green turles on the next page because EVERYONE  was so slow on the 21st, I wasn’t able to shade (cross off) anything on my to do list.img_20160216_193142.jpg

Friday saw me celebrating my 2 year work anniversary(! a first!!) with a quote from Uruguay’s former President Mujica, taken from this wonderful speech. Saturday, I watched the EXO EXO L UXION concert in Mall of Asia Arena, up close and personal. DEFINITELY AN EXPERIENCE TO REMEMBER (even if I’m not much of a fan). img_20160216_011815.jpg

Some photos from the con:

Next is a pink spread, with a quote from Evanna Lynch about Alan Rickman.img_20160210_221703.jpg

This is me testing out the Zig Kuretake Mangaka Flexible Artist Pen pen. My calligraphy fail! 8D2016-02-10-09.58.56-1.jpg.jpeg

Then the next weekend, I attended a 2-day art conference: Graphika Manila. It was really inspiring–speakers like Pixar Animation Studios, Tokidoki, Gemma O’Brian, Timothy Goodman, Harvey Tolibao, Matthew Cina, and Valerie Chua gave presentations. I am amazed at Pixar’s dedication and how long they  work just to get the most minor detail right, Tolibao’s sense of humor and talent, Simone Legno’s business sense, Gemma’s work, Valerie’s workarounds ’til she finally got to do what she wanted, and Cina’s advice to keep studying and working–complete with references to actually help and get you started. 2016-02-10-09.58.55-1.jpg.jpeg

inmidnights line break

And on to February! I wasn’t feeling the cover design for February so I covered it up with a note I got from my cousin on Valentine’s day and a premiere night ticket for Love Is blind.2016-03-23-01.14.35-1.jpg.jpeg

First book of the year: Two Lunas, Two Mabinis by Ambeth Ocampo. A really quick read–I read half in an Uber on the way to work, the other half during my break.2016-03-23-01.14.36-1.jpg.jpeg

I am, unashamedly, a John Lloyd and Bea fan through and through. Hence the quote from an article JLC wrote about working with Bea in the Philippine Star. img_20160214_221252.jpg

A Quiapo/Recto trip in the rain with Jen and Rap, then dinner with the Isabels for the weekend, and picking up Criminal Minds where I left off last year.img_20160225_034644.jpg

I took a sick day off on the 8th and ended up in bed with Criminal Minds Season 9 the whole day. This quote rings so true.img_20160225_113412.jpg

Work, work, work, work, work. Felt these pages were a bit empty even with the stamps and washi, so I ended up adding Rosie’s Into The Woods ephemera and sticker flakes from Jen. img_20160301_192331.jpg

Exercise struggle on Friday, Deadpool on Saturday. I spent my Valentine’s Day on the road to Laguna with my former officemates, to attend our godchild’s christening. It was a really fun and funny trip. img_20160226_183134.jpg

I have no idea why, but I really like this page on the left. Fell asleep in the car listening to Adam Levine’s version of Let’s Stay Together and woke up searching frantically for the song (even though I knew the title and the song, my sleep-fogged bran wasn’t able to retain the information). img_20160308_184731.jpg

This, hands down, is my favorite washi tape of the moment. It is so, so gorgeous! Granted, it’s not versatile at all but. *___________* Letter transfers, stamps, and a badminton game.img_20160305_015130.jpg

Calligraphy is hard, but everyone knows that. On the right, I had a fun weekend with the Isabels. Used a blender pen, foil tape, Zig Mangaka, Rosie’s Into the Woods ephemera and Rub-Ons.img_20160303_191412.jpg

This black and white spread turned blue and black because I made a mistake writing, so I went all the way and added blue stickers from Papemelroti (they’re only P7 a sheet!). Also, the day I got sick.img_20160310_084339.jpg

My new trick is to just use ephemera when I’ve got nothing to write.img_20160302_114330.jpg

LAST EPISODE OF ON THE WINGS OF LOVE, documented by this #OTWOL sticker from Lexi. This is also the first weekend in 2016 where I stayed in the whole way, because I wasn’t feeling well. More Criminal Minds on Saturday and then I read Practical Magic on Sunday which I got bored of halfway and moved on to Stucky fics instead.img_20160307_213657.jpg

And here’s the last plain (I don’t really like it haha) spread for February! I bought this 372 star sticker pack for only P66. 2016-03-23-01.20.30-1.jpg.jpeg

It’s been a bumpy month and I’m a bit behind on my March spreads. I also said I’d get started on my Cebu Project Life but other than a pre-layout, buying an album, and moving photos, I haven’t really done anything. Phew.

How’s your planner coming along? 🙂


[Hair/Beauty] inmidnight’s Mega MasterPost for all Things Hair

Updated on November 14, 2016


Disclaimer: I am not a licensed hair care/dye expert.  

I’ve researched a lot about dyeing and maintaining hair after bleaching and coloring, so I thought to gather them all in one post, as I’ve started to become an unofficial hair consultant for dyeing and bleaching with friends and acquaintances. HAHA

This post will definitely be helpful on your hair journey too, especially if you have dark, thick hair and/or are planning to:

  • Bleach hair (inc. Bleach Bath/Bleach Shampoo)
  • Tone Hair (inc. DIY Toning)
  • Take care of hair after bleaching
  • Dye hair red
  • Dye hair purple
  • Take care of hair after coloring
  • Improve hair care
  • Remove hair color
  • DIY Double Color + Color Layering, etc.

This will contain a number of links I’ve used as references over the years, personal experiences, and photos.

inmidnights line break


Patience, padawan. You’ll need lots of that. Doing your hair on your own isn’t a simple afternoon task-it takes weeks, even months.

Of course, you can (likely) skip this DIY method and go straight to a salon for everything. If I had the money for that kind of upkeep, I…probably still wouldn’t.

But if you DO go to a salon, remember these things:

  • You’re not supposed to get hurt. You may have heard that bleaching may burn your scalp and sting, but if your stylist is doing it properly, it shouldn’t.
  • You can get reactions (like allergies) from hair products (dye, bleach, etc). You won’t be able to test your skin’s reaction to these at salons (unless you bring your own products for them to use).
  • You won’t be able to do a strand test to see if the color you want will come out at a salon-unless you’ve bought the hair dye for application yourself. In which case, you’ve already spent double–buying the dye on your own and going to a salon for application/upkeep.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for what you want, or get something redone. It’s your hair, you’ll be the one walking around with it, you’re paying for the service. Be nice, chat, and help them get it right.
    inmidnights line break

I had long, dark Asian hair. It’s very thick–you can separate it into two sections and each section could be enough for one person’s head.


I had already colored my hair (red) at a salon once, a year or two before this photo, and did not end up liking it. It faded to an orangey-blonde in the span of a week. I ended up coloring over it with brown and letting my hair grow out. I stayed brown for quite some time until I decided to try going red again, this time on my own.


To learn about going red, check out my Finally Red Post and gratuitous red hair post.

inmidnights line break

To go from dark hair to colored hair, I had to study.


Basically: Colors opposite each other on the wheel cancel each other out.


To go from dark hair to a lighter and unnatural color, I had to bleach. BUT! Like most of you, I was afraid. I did not use bleach straight up. Instead, I performed a bleach bath over the course of several weeks.

A bleach bath is not as harsh on the hair as bleaching since the shampoo mixed in tones it down. You can use any amount (1 tsp, 30 grams, etc) for your hair as long as you keep the ratio steady.

My personal preference: 1 part Bleach, 1 part Developer, 2 parts Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. Mix these all in a non-metallic container and apply to hair. Process under a shower cap. Leave on for 30 minutes.

Here’s two different formulations for a Bleach Bath:



  • HBC Bleach (P90 per pack)
  • HBC Developer (P35 per 6ml bottle), 9% volume
  • Head and Shoulders Shampoo OR
  • Clear (Men’s) Shampoo

inmidnights line break


Neutralize any unwanted color by referring to the chart above. When starting from dark hair, you’ll need to bleach several shades lighter to get to blonde. Once you’re in a blonde phase, you can start toning to remove the yellow/orange brassy undertones. Or you can apply color once you’re blonde.

  • If you’re choosing darker shades like red, purple, and so on, you’ll be fine just moving straight on to color.
  • If you’re going for a pastel shade or blue, you have to tone. Blue is grouped here since hair usually has the brassy yellow undertone once bleached. Yellow + blue = green.

You can purchase a toner online from Rainbowhead.PH.

Wella Toners

I use Wella T14 to get rid of red/orange tones  and Wella T18 to get closer to platinum / white.

To use:

  1. Mix 1 part toner to two parts developer.
  2. Apply and leave on for around 20 minutes.
  3. Rinse.

If you’re not up to spending, here’s how to do a DIY toner.

DIY Toner: Violet Dye + Deep Conditioner or Hot Oil Treatment

Mix 1 tiny bit of violet dye (quarter or less of a teaspoon) with at least 3 tablespoons of Deep Conditioner or Hot Oil Treatment.

Keep repeating the process to get a lighter shade. This will take awhile.

NOTE: The DIY method will require patience. Just use a Wella Toner if you need to go platinum blonde or gray fast.


inmidnights line break


  • Condition, condition, condition!


    • Use a deep conditioner. 
      • A deep conditioner is a product you put after you condition your hair normally (sometimes called a hair mask), and you should leave it on for about 15-30 minutes (though a lot of variants have a 3-minute version, but I don’t trust them). So get those foot spas ready, shave your legs, perform a mini concert–you’ll be in the shower awhile.
    • Use a hot oil treatment.
      • After you’ve bleached hair of its natural keratin, you want it back. Slather on hot oil after bleaching and maintain the treatment until your hair feels healthy again. Your hair’s already damaged, but it can still look and feel nice and soft if you maintain it.
      • Don’t risk it.
      • Condition / deep condition / use hot oil / oil instead until your hair feels healthy again (1 week to 1 month, depending on how enthusiastic you went with repeat bleaching).
  • Do not use heat products on your hair. If you’ve gone through a lot of bleaching, your hair will fry.


      • Kerastase Chroma Captive Color Conditioner


      • Kerastase Chroma Captive Color Shine Intensifying Mask


      • L’Oreal Mythic Oil This is pretty much a miracle product for me. My hair dried out because of bleaching (some parts felt straw like, even if they didn’t look it, especially after showering). I used this for a week and like ~magic~, my hair was back to normal.
      • HBC Keratin Hot Oil Treatment This is effective and very affordable.
      • Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner This smells so gooood. It works wonders, too! Note that this doesn’t work as well after a while. I’ve noticed my hair didn’t get the same super soft effects after what I’ve done to it this year. ( Around 6-8 bleach baths since I cut my hair early this year).
      • Deep Conditioner Watson’s. It doesn’t really work.

inmidnights line break


Quick Things You Need To Know:

There is more than one type of hair color but I’ll only be discussing two here:

  • Permanent dyes don’t wash out; they penetrate inside your hair folicles and stay there. They also need a mixer/oxidizer (ammonia). They’re usually the ones found widely available in the Philippines  (L’Oreal, Garnier, Kolours, ETC).
  • Semi-permanent dyes wash out/fade every time you shampoo–they’re just a color layer on top of the hair  (this is why you can’t put a lighter color on top of a darker color). Rainbow colored dyes like Manic Panic, Special Effects, etc. are semi-permanent.
  • Manic Panic, Special Effects, etc. are also vegan dyes. They are ammonia-free, paraben-free, PPD-free, and not tested on animals. It’s also safe to leave on top of your head for hours since it has conditioner-like effects (unlike permanent dyes).
  • More about Permanent Vs. Semi-Permanent (and other stages in between) here.


      1. Always do a skin patch test first.
      2. If you have a specific shade you want to achieve, do a strand test. This will help you gauge if you can apply the color directly to your hair, if you need to lighten your hair more, or if you need to lighten the hair dye or mix it with another color.
      3. Color! You can do it two ways:
        1. Apply the dye as instructed (instructions are on the bottle).
        2. Mix the dye with conditioner to lighten the dye + get more out of it. I do this option since all my dyes are pretty dark and this helps me save 😀 ALSO WHEN I TRIED NOT DILUTING IT THAT ONE TIME, MY HAIR STAINED EVERYTHING IT CAME IN CONTACT WITH (ESP. MY HANDS) FOR DAYS. DAYS! NOTE: Do this ONLY for vegan dyes (the kind you don’t need to mix with peroxide!)
      4. Leave the dye on your head for 1 hour to overnight to let the color soak completely. This will make the dye last longer.

DYES I’ve Used:

♥ – Recommended




Classic red lip thing that I like~ NYX Butter Lipstick in Mary Janes.

      • MANIC PANIC Violet Night


        •  SPECIAL EFFECTS Deep Purple (Undiluted) mixed with MANIC PANIC Violet Night 
After two shampoos.
      • SPARKS Pink Kiss
I bleached out Violet Night and Deep Purple which left me with hot pink + blonde roots (from brown/black). Since I wanted pink all over, I tried Sparks. See the top, blonde part? And the purple parts at the tips? Those are  the parts I used Pink Kiss on. It didn’t take so I ended up dip dyeing with Violet Night at the end instead and leaving the top as is.
      • Arctic Fox Virgin Pink (heavily diluted with conditioner)

Colourpop Limbo on Asian Skin and Colored Hair

        • Manic Panic Cotton Candy Pink mixed with Arctic Fox Virgin Pink 
This is the first time I used a whole jar without mixing it with conditioner. I LOVE IT but it’s the fastest fading color I’ve tried.

Some notes:

      • Vampire Red is the shizz. I WORE IT SWIMMING IN THE OCEAN AND IT STAYED HAHA


      • SFX Deep Purple fades to pink. Bleach it and it becomes EVEN MORE PINK.


      • SPARKS is useless. It didn’t color at all and I used a tube and a half without diluting the dye in conditioner. D:<

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I can practically hear you think, BUT ‘SEMI-PERMANENT’ I WENT THROUGH ALL THAT TROUBLE JUST FOR IT TO FADE IN 6-10 WASHES?? Chill, my friend. You can make it last longer by taking care of your hair:


wpid-20151008_080621.jpgDo not shampoo as often. I only shampoo once or twice a week. When my hair starts getting oily three days after the last shampoo, I spritz dry shampoo on and am good for another day. Or I keep it up in a bun or ponytail.

      • On shampoo days, USE COLD WATER ONLY.
        • Warm/hot water strips the color out faster. Stick to cold water for your hair.
      • Use sulfate-free products. Having “for colored hair” on the bottle isn’t enough; make sure your shampoo and conditioners are sulfate-free. Check the ingredients label.
      • Condition, condition, condition!


      • Kerastase Chroma Captive Color line (Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Conditioner).2015-12-28-09.43.28-1.jpg.jpegThis is by far, the best one I’ve tried. It leaves my hair feeling soft and smooth. It’s also the most expensive at P3,380 for the shampoo and conditioner at David’s Salon. The Deep Conditioner came in a smaller size bottle for free. Since this is expensive, I only use the line once every week when I’ve just changed my hair color and still want to maintain it. When I’ve had my hair color for more than a month (aka I’m getting lazy to maintain it), I stop using this and stick to L’Oreal. 
      • Batiste Dry Shampoo

wpid-20151008_080727.jpgSpritz and go! Trying to look for the seller I bought mine from, at a Karl Edwards bazaar–I got this size for only P600.

      • Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner
      • L’Oreal Sulfate-Free Shampoo  I used to use the conditioner too, but Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle seems to work for my hair better. It barely lifts any color too, which is a plus since Pantene has sulfate.

inmidnights line break


There are numerous ways to remove hair color, from least to most damaging. It gets tricky though, as your color removal process can depend on your current hair color.

Sample: Purple (SFX Deep Purple) + Bleach Method = PINK

I am not amused.

(It’s not that I don’t like pink, it’s that I was set on being purple for awhile but my hair took matters into its own hands! Haha)


Just use clarifying or anti-dandruff shampoo to strip the color.

Coming from Violet Night

Vitamin C Treatment

Crush 10 vitamin C tablets and mix into your shampoo. Lather and rinse. Do this over a few days.

Vit C, round 3, coming from Vampire Red. I actually like how this turned out.

For more in-depth instructions, check out KimmiKillZombie’s hair color removal post.

inmidnights line breakLevel 2:


Remember the color wheel theory? When I had my accidental pink hair, I stripped it off color as far as it would go. Unfortunately, I think the pink already stained the blonde so I had no choice but to go for a much darker color over the pink.

As light as I dared to go. My hair was already super drying out by this point, so I just tried to get it healthy before coloring again. My next color was…


Yes, you can do it yourself.


But it’ll be so much better if you have someone else to do it for you.

Two colors on your own:

I separated my hair into four quadrants. The front half, I pinned back. I started to work on the back parts first, coloring the top quarter with SFX Deep Purple. I made sure my strokes were uneven, so it won’t look like a straight horizontal line. Next, I mixed SFX Deep Purple and SFX Burgundy Wine and overlapped the ends of that to about half an inch down. Then I colored the rest with SFX Burgundy Wine. Once done, I wrapped them in foil and pinned to the top of my head. 20151020_015106.jpg

I removed the pins from the front part. I lathered in SFX Deep Purple Dye. Apparently, the colors look great in a bun, as I get more strangers complimenting my hair / talking to me about my hair when it’s up in a bun (even my stylist complimented it).

Update: This one is my third attempt, mostly by accident. I was going for full pink but Sparks didn’t stick at all! So I left my roots blonde and just dipped my ends in leftover purple.


That’s it, for now! Still looking for ways to go back to blonde (for my my next color)–purple stains like it never wants to leave, ugh.

Leaving with a photo-collage that both horrifies me (the most I’ve ever done with solely my face on it, it’s giving me heebie jeebies) and amuses me because–HAIR! COLOR!

2013 to early 2016.

Unsent Letter #20


You may have a boyfriend now and  it’s exciting being your first and all, but:

You did not invent romantic relationships. Your relationship is not a standard in which all romantic couples abide. Just because you don’t do something, does not mean other couples don’t do it, and vice-versa. The way you’re acting shows just how limited your view is.

Experience is something you learn from, yes, but you also learn from the people around you. Observing them, absorbing your environment, reading.