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Project Life: Zambales with DIY Project Life Cards

I finally finished one Project Life! Learning this has been a challenging journey. I really thought it would be extremely simple but I found it harder than scrapbooking(!). Though I think this is mostly my own fault. After all, what makes Project Life easy is the ready-made sets of themed Project Life cards.

But since I found the card packs too expensive for such limited design options and quantity, I decided to make my own. And no, this doesn’t mean printing ready-made cards found online (mostly because I had the same “available designs don’t fit me/my personality” problem plus I didn’t like the idea of the amount of ink wasted printing cards for the PLs I had planned would consume). So I chose to DIY Project Life cards.

I wish someone was there to stop me when I made this decision. I’m not an artist, so the learning curve was steep. I not only had to create cards, I had to learn how to create Project Life layouts that is aesthetically pleasing (for myself) which included balancing elements, colors, and such to create the whole layout. But hey, it’s been an interesting journey.

Anyway, on to the cover page!


All photos are taken with a Samsung Galaxy S5, with minimal editing on my phone’s VSCOCAM app (mostly just +1 on contrast). I resized the photos and added titles on Photoshop. This layout is influenced by Liz of Paislee Press. Love how simple her layouts are.

For the 2×2 squares, I used Typo Gift Wrapping paper. The wooden embellishments are from Typo as well. I chose black and white so the side elements wouldn’t take away from the beautiful blue sea.


Here’s the start of our adventure on the left. I wanted a photo-centric Project Life, so there’ll definitely be more photos than cards.

DIY Cards:

  • For the 2×2 slots on the left, I used a sea/sky image I cut out from a magazine. I did some journaling on the magazine with a Uni-ball Signo white pen.
  • The ‘SUMMER’ 4×4 card is handwritten on an index card using a Marvy LePlume Brush Pen.

On the right, are photos of the place we stayed in.  I chose red 2×2 squares are from a Pink Paislee paper pack to match the red from the resort’s roof. Then, I used Marvy LePlumme in Black and Yellow for the SUMMER card, to anchor the right page to the left. I wrote one color in title case and the other in cursive for contrast.

I was amused at the resort’s pool–it lights up at night in different colors and is officially named ‘COLOR POOL’ (there is literally a sign at the entrance that says this). COLOR POOL = COLORFUL. Deserves it’s own journaling LOL card, that I made from a recycled gift wrap + Typo B&W Polka Dots Gift Wrap + Paper Stone Red Felt stickers. I need to learn how to incorporate QR code videos into my PL so I can add my quick video of the wonderful COLOR POOL.


More shots of our resort, the resort’s interesting WiFi pasword, and Bem goofing around. I’ve learned that repetition is key in making a layout cohesive, so I duplicated the card I made from a used wrapper I got from Christmas + Typo Black and White Polka dots gift wrap and just added a speech bubble wooden veneer, also from Typo.

The next day, we headed to Potipot Island. Keeping with my mainly blue + black and white theme, I desaturated and cropped our photos for the 2×2 photos on the right side.


I buy a ton of embellishments but I’m still a traditional photographer at heart. I just can’t put embellishments on my photos!

DIY Project Life Cards

DIY Project Life 2×2 cards:

  • Chevron 2×2 cards made using an index card, Heidi Swapp stencils, and a black brush pen
  • Beach Therapy and Potipot Island cards were made using a magazine and a Uni-ball Signo white pen (random, unimportant trivia: these two were the first cards I made for this album).

Bem and I were on a That Thing Called Tadhana hangover, having just watched Angelica Panganiban and John Pratt’s hilarious interview on Gandang Gabi Vice.

When your friends can’t join you on your trip, you buy turtle keychains and give them all your friend’s names.


Closing the album with a sunset, our search for good food within the island, and creepy strolling at night with Dugong.

Cards for this page are Typo Gift Wrappers and a magazine with lettering (My Gel 0.7 in Gold and Uni-ball Signo in White). I’m going to stick some seashells on the black wrapper once I find a good glue to use for it.


Next challenge: tackle color! It’s a big challenge for me to use colored cards and colored photos and have it look seamless and cohesive. Any tips?

If you plan on making DIY PL cards, hope this post was helpful!


Transfer Images with a Blender Pen

I’ve been playing with rub-ons and letter transfers since I was kid. We had quite a lot of them, and I’m not sure if we got them here or we bought them whenever we stayed in Oman (where my dad used to work). Now that I’m crafting and not just playing, it’s been harder to find image/letter transfers locally (which is frustrating because I could get them at Target, the dollar store, etc when I was in New York).

So ever the stubborn one, I tried looking for ways to Do It Myself. And I found what seems to be the easiest and readily available way. Emphasis on ‘readily available’ since it’s so hard to look for crafting materials here in the Philippines!

Materials needed:
Blender Pen
Photocopy of your image

1) Select the image you want to transfer. I print photos and drawings, cut out magazines, and even choose images from coloring books.

I printed a photo for this one.

If you’re printing an image, make sure to reverse it. A transferred image always shows up reversed, so there’s not much you can do with a magazine photo (unless there’s a setting to flip the image before you photocopy it?).

2) Once you’ve chosen an image, photocopy it.

3) Place the photocopied image, ink side down, on your paper. Go over it with the blender pen until the image shows through/is completely saturated.

Here’s a quick, 25-second video to show you how:

Don’t worry about getting your paper slightly damp; this dries without any marks.


Here’s the result of the image on the video once dry:

This one was a photocopy of a coloring book image.

Here’s a couple more samples:

This is a magazine image, photocopied. The image on the right is the back side of the paper, where the image showed through. I like the effect, though. This was transferred on 80 GSM paper.


Another coloring book image on my Starbucks Moleskine planner. I colored her in a bit:




  • The more times you blend over the image, the darker your transfer will be. So if you don’t want much of a show-through on the page, just go over the image once or twice. I do this for my Moleskine images since the paper is really thin.
  • Try rubbing the back of the paper transfer (once it’s damp) with a spoon.
  • Blend in a well-ventilated area. This has the addicting scent of marker floating in waves whenever you use it.


Have fun!




the gold life

I subscribed to Planners&Journals’ December 2015 kit after seeing that it was going to be a ☆gold☆ kit. I’m planning to decorate my 2016 red and gold moleskine planner from  Starbucks with a gold and black theme, so the kit was perfect.

It came in this box, with paper foil stars wrapped around it:


Aaaand inside:


2 gold 3×4 cards, 2 black/white/gray  3×4 cards, 2 gold 4×6 cards, and 2 black/white/gray 4×6 cards.

Guh I’m in love ♡♡♡♡! I can’t wait to add these to my New York PL album!


2 black/white/gray dividers or cardstock and a single (huhu) piece of gold foil doily.


Gold Christmas stickers!! This is perfect for my 2016 Starbucks moleskine.


Pocket sized planner pages and a divider.


Slim gold foil tape, gold foil and black/white/gray ephemera, felt key chain and gold paper clips.


#plannergirl pencil

And here are the creators of these beautiful items.

My faves are the Project Life cards, ephemera, doily, and stickers but the whole package was put together amazingly well. I’ll be on the lookout every month for their sneak peeks and definitely order if another preview catches my eye.

And a round up of everything: